from 7th to 9th september, 2009








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The 12th edition of SBCM will be held in Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco. Below you will find some links (unfortunately only available in portuguese) that portray some of the touristic attractions of the region, as well as the localization of Porto Digital, the venue for the event.

Porto Digital is located in the neighborhood of Recife, a 100 hectare island in the center of the metropolitan area, only 7km away from the main international airport in Brazilian's northeastern region.

New Venue

Avenida Cais do Apolo, 222, 16 andar (Banco Real Building)

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In the island's surroundings there are many commercial buildings, housing technology companies, banks, government offices, shopping centers, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and art institutes.

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