from 7th to 9th september, 2009








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Keynote Speakers

Two keynote speakers are confirmed for the SBCM 2009, Prof. Miller Puckette, from University of California San Diego and Colombian composer Catalina Peralta.

New sounds from guitars (Miller Puckette)

Now that it's easy to get multiple channels of sound into and out of a computer with pretty low throughput latency, an obvious and attractive application is signal-processing an electric guitar separately string by string. This permits a wide variety of non-linear processes which, if properly designed, preserve the periodicity of the individual string while making possible a wide variety of new sounds. Pitch-synchronous algorithms also become available. In many situations it is possible to separate the effect of amplitude change from that of changing harmonics, thus preserving the playability of the instrument. Several examples of this will be described here, including octave changes, wave bashing, formant generation, and neighboring-string intermodulation.

Electroacoustic approach to some colombian composers (Catalina Peralta)

It will be a presentation about a selection of relatively recent electroacoustic and computer music pieces, by composers as Harold Vasquez, Roberto García, Mauricio Bejarano, Germán Toro, Catalina Peralta, Alexandra Cárdenas.