OpenMusic Workshop : new release OM 5.0.


Carlos Agon, Jean Bresson ( and Olivier Warusfel (

This workshop presents OM 5.0, the new cross-platform release of OpenMusic. OpenMusic is a visual programming language for the composers. It focuses on the concept of notation: notation of musical structures (musical scores) as well as notation of processes leading to these structures (visual programs). We will describe different strategies to mix and unify visual programs and music.

Centered round the musical writing, the workshop will be divided in three parts:

  • First we present the bases of the OpenMusic language and the specifics abstract data types concerning traditional notation (chords, rhythmic structures, polyphonies, etc.).
  • The second part concerns works and future directions relating to the writing of sound synthesis in OpenMusic. We will particularly focus on the concept of synthesis models for composition, and on the representation of sound synthesis objects.
  • Finally we will discuss about a new project relating to the spatialization writing. We will show here a state of the art as well as some preliminary results.

This workshop is intended as a tutorial of the OM software, but at the same time we pretend to draw here our idea of interaction between computer science and music composition.

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