Three applications of audio and sensor processing in embedded systems

In this talk I will present three applications of coupled audio/sensor signal processing I worked with in the first two years of my PhD, which are summarized below:

  1. Sennheiser microphone prototype (Tahoe): I will present what I did during my internship at Sennheiser Palo Alto on the Tahoe microphone. The Tahoe microphone functions as a wireless microphone and doubles as a midi controller, integrating several different sensors on the body for the musician to control effect gear or software on a computer in the same device, allowing more expressiveness when performing live.
  2. BeachTracker: A tracking system I developed for tracking beach volleyball players and the ball from videos taken with a static camera from the audience. The tracking method uses a particle filter approach and was a project together with the Technical University of Munich and the German Beach Volleyball Association.
  3. Improvement of spatial audio in hearing-aids: I will present the basic idea about my project with Phonak explaining the advantages and disadvantages of hearing-aid types, and the goal of combining the advantages of the different hearing-aid types in order to improve the spatial perception of the user.