About our conferece venues

All keynote talks, oral communications, poster sessions and coffee-breaks will take place at Campus Santo Antônio (CSA). You can find CSA at Google Maps here.

All concerts will take place at the UFSJ Cultural Center (CCUFSJ), also known as Solar da Baronesa. You can find CCUFSJ at Google Maps here.

Places to eat

There is a wide range of dining options near CSA, many of them no more than a 6-minute walk from the campus, such as:

There are also options for bars and pubs nearby, such as:


The following banks can be found nearby, a 11-min walk (around 900m) away from CSA:


Accommodation options near the CSA include:

* This hostel will be the one used by the organization members and keynote speakers. When booking, tell that it is an event into the University and maybe they offer you a better price.


São João del-Rei does not have Uber but we have our own app, it is called Move JS.

Maybe it is a good idea to install it in your mobile while attending our conference:

Download:Android - iOS

Another possibility is to use our local Uber app, called Uaiber (Yes, it is serious!).


Ordering Food

Of course, we also have an app to order food. It is called Uai Rango.

Download:Android - iOS


Several venues here does not accept credit card. Please, ask the place if they accept credit card before.

About São João del-Rei

The 17th SBCM will be held in the city of São João del Rei, Brazil. The town plays a very important role in the Brazilian cultural and artistic scene, as it was the cradle of the country’s independence movement in colonial times and also is the homeland of great names such as President Tancredo Neves, the national hero Tiradentes and also Barbara Heliodora.

São Joao del-Rei has been declared a Patrimony of Brazil. The city dates back to the end of the 17th Century, when explorers rummaged the country for gold, silver and precious stones. From the colonial period come the imposing baroque churches and buildings in neo-gothic and eclectic style. All this happened in tandem with the construction of a culture deeply-seated in religious principles and an unshakable musical tradition. The city is also known as the seat of the Federal University of São João del Rei (UFSJ).

Ranked among Brazil’s top Institutions of Higher Education and located a short distance from the state capital city of Belo Horizonte, UFSJ offers a wide selection of over 50 graduate and undergraduate courses in areas such as Health Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Music, Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and Basic Sciences. Courses are taught on six different campuses, three of them located in São João del-Rei and the other three in the towns of Divinópolis, Ouro Branco, and Sete Lagoas. The University offers a stimulating environment for academic work, and at the same time, situated as it is in the historical heart of the state of Minas Gerais, it gives access to a range of cultural activities and attractions.

A special attraction is the Koellreuter Foundation collection and headquarter, located on the Cultural Centre of the UFSJ, venue where the artistic part of the SBCM will happen. The Foundation’s Collection contains documents of different types, such as letters, manuscript scores, books, journals, handwritten texts, scrapbooking of newspapers and magazines, photographs, personal items and recordings in vinyl discs, cassette tapes and CDs. The composer’s library includes around 800 volumes that refer to european music, brazilian music, philosophy, materials that encompass the various areas of knowledge and interest of the composer and educator. There is also a great number of scores of works that marked the trajectory – from the Koellreutter flutist to the interests of the conductor and the contemporary music specialist.