Patterns of Musical Interaction with Computing Devices

Luciano Vargas Flores (UFRGS), Marcelo Soares Pimenta (UFRGS), Damián Keller (NAP/UFAC)

Slides available here!

Abstract. In line with the efforts from the Ubiquitous Music Group, our research identified, in existing music software and hardware, some recurring patterns of interaction between humans and computing devices with the goal of producing musical results. These four kinds of repeatedly implemented musical interactions are being documented in the form of interaction design patterns, as an alternative to build a taxonomy of musical interaction that is more suitable for musical and computational developments in ubiquitous music research. In this paper we briefly describe the meaning of patterns in design fields, defend the use of interaction patterns in the design of ubiquitous music systems, and present the four proto-patterns proposed in our research. We intend with this paper to foster discussions in this workshop which will lead to refinement and improvement of the proposed interaction design patterns.