Da Assinatura Gestual à Expressividade Musical

José Fornari (NICS/UNICAMP)

Slides available here!

Abstract. Musicians express their art through gesture, understood here as "the movement with intention." The field of artistic technique is therefore seen as an intentional process of standardizing sign, consisting of the repetition-driven attention of the artist. Thus a musical style is formed, and expressed by the recurrence patterns of unconscious gestures. These often have the similarity that constitute a pattern identification, here referred to as "signature sign." This pattern allows us to recognize musical style of a particular interpreter, or in a macro sense, contributes to the self-organization of a musical genre. The gesture is well correlated with musical cognition. The patterns that collects the signature can now be collected and identified using technological resources. This information can be gathered through motion sensors (cameras, accelerometers, etc..) And analyzed in real time by computer models, which determine its unique aspects. This paper presents a related research currently in progress at NICS / UNICAMP, using gestural interfaces as equipment for the acquisition of patterns, and patches (computational models developed in PD programming environment) to control sound processes and dynamic analysis of expression music. With this we intend to lay the groundwork for the study of automatic identification of the signature gestures, and their correlation with musical expressiveness.