Real-time music tracking using multiple performances as a reference

Alessandro Palmeira and Itai Soares
In this seminar, we will present the best paper from the 2015 International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2015) entitled "Real-time music tracking using multiple performances as a reference" by Andreas Arzt e Gerhard Widmer.
In general, algorithms for real-time music tracking directly use a symbolic representation of the score, or a synthesised version thereof, as a reference for the on-line alignment process. In this paper we present an alternative approach. First, different performances of the piece in question are collected and aligned (off-line) to the symbolic score. Then, multiple instances of the on-line tracking algorithm (each using a different performance as a reference) are used to follow the live performance, and their output is combined to come up with the current position in the score. As the evaluation shows, this strategy improves both the robustness and the precision, especially on pieces that are generally hard to track (e.g. pieces with extreme, abrupt tempo changes, or orchestral pieces with a high degree of polyphony). Finally, we describe a real-world application, where this music tracking algorithm was used to follow a world-famous orchestra in a concert hall in order to show synchronised visual content (the sheet music, explanatory text and videos) to members of the audience.

(video presentation in portuguese)

Date and time: 
Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 4:00pm