Yet another gesture controller?

Dra. Carolina Brum Medeiros (Fliprl CEO, IDMIL/McGill, Google ATAP)
In the past decade, various consumer electronic devices were launched as gestural controllers, from which several have been used for musical expression. Despite the variety of these devices, academic and industrial institutions keep their efforts on researching and developing new devices every so often. Why? In this conversation, I’d like to raise the discussion about the reasons why we are not satisfied with the existent gestural controllers: Natural human unsettledness? Consumerism and market? Technological evolution, allowing for creation of more efficient devices? Search for new ways of expression? Or maybe we are aiming towards abstracting settled physical objects and structures? We are going to discuss and review some new gestural controllers, based on the reading of the following authors: Marcelo Wanderley, Alva Noe, Ivan Poupyrev, Oliver Sacks, John Milton, and Ana Solodkin.

(video presentation in portuguese)

Date and time: 
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 - 3:00pm
Room 132-A, IME/USP