Verbal correlates for timbre perception: a research on orchestral sonorities

Ivan Eiji Simurra
In this seminar we will present an overview of researches that relate to sound perception with verbal correlates to describe instrumental timbres. In our presentation we will oppose three works of Asteris Zacharakis ("An Investigation of Musical Timbre", "An Interlanguage Study of Musical Timbre Semantic Dimensions and Their Acoustic Correlates" and "An Interlanguage Unification Of Musical Timbre: Bridging Semantic, Perceptual and Acoustic Dimensions" ) with two works by Vinoo Alluri ("Effect of enculturation on the Semantic and Acoustic Correlates of Polyphonic Timbre" and "Exploring Perceptual and Acoustival Correlates of Polyphonic Timbre"). Our goal is to highlight the characteristics of each survey and how they can dialogue with our own related to timbre and emotions.

(video presentation in portuguese)

Date and time: 
Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 12:00pm
Auditório do CCSL, IME/USP