A Memetic Approach to the Evolution of Rhythms in a Society of Software Agents

Marcelo Gimenes
Eduardo Reck Miranda
Chris Johnson

Computer Music Research
School of Computing, Communications and Electronics
University of Plymouth, UK


We are developing RGeme (Rhythmic Meme Generator), an artificial intelligence system for the composition of rhythmic streams inspired by Richard Dawkin's theory of memes. The system is based on intelligent agents that learn from examples and interact by generating rhythms. The system has two broad stages. In the first one, the learning stage, which is the main focus of this paper, Agents are trained with examples of musical pieces in order to evolve a "musical worldview" which consists of a "Style Matrix" of basic rhythmic elements (or "rhythmic memes"). In the next (production) stage Agents are able to learn from each other's "compositions" and capable of evolving new rhythmic styles by adapting to each other's rhythms.

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