Technological Improvements in the SIEDP

Alexandre Bezerra Viana
Agamenon Clemente de Morais Júnior

Escola de Música
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)
CEP 59075-970 ­ Natal ­ RN ­ Brazil


This paper presents the innovations developed for the Intelligent System for Piano Fingering Learning Aid ­ SIEDP, a software application utilized as fingering technique learning aid by beginner students of the Piano Courses. The original SIEDP have some limitations in both the user interface and in the genetic algorithm utilized to find the optimal fingering of a given piano melody. This paper shows some modifications that we have done to overcome these limitations. The new user interface allows to use commercial score editors to input melodies to the system. In order to accelerate the computation of the optimum fingering, the genetic algorithm used in the optimization process was improved.

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