AMD - Ambiente Musical Distribuído ­ Performance Musical Interativa na Internet

Anselmo Guerra de Almeida
Rodrigo Peres Franco Furtado

Laboratórios de Pesquisas Sonoras ­ LPqS
Universidade Federal de Goiás - CAMPUS II
Caixa Postal 131 - CEP 74001-970
Goiânia / GO


Distributed Musical Environment was conceived as an environment that allows musicians to work with synthesized sound elements by way of network computers. They interact each other using graphical interface and a system that provides a communication between them. Regardless of geographic distance that separates them, the participants in this type of performance interact with each other distributed musical process. The esthetic aspect of this type of musical performance is still an open question. Perhaps it is only through the continuing exploration of this creative medium that we are able to measure the musical merit of this environment.

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