An Open Architecture for a Musical Multi-Agent System

Rodolfo Daniel Wulfhorst
Luciano Vargas Flores
Lauro Nakayama
Cecília Dias Flores
Luis Otávio Campos Alvares
Rosa Maria Vicari

Instituto de Informática ­ Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
Caixa Postal 15.064 ­ 91.501-970 ­ Porto Alegre ­ RS ­ Brazil


The present work proposes a model for a Multi-Agent System capable to deal with music. We believe that many Computer Music problems could be approached through such a Musical Multi-Agent System. Our proposal is based on a community of agents that interact through musical events (MIDI), simulating the behavior of a musical group. As a case study we have implemented a rhythmic accompaniment system. "Listening" to each other, the agents were able to play their instruments in synchronism.

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