Da Cifra Para o Braço: Estudo dos Problemas de Execução Musical em Violão e Guitarra

Giordano Cabral
Izabel Zanforlin
Rodrigo Lima
Hugo Santana
Geber Ramalho

Centro de Informática - Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Caixa Postal 7851 - CEP 50732-970 - Recife (PE) - Brasil


Instrumental Performance Systems (IPS) help the user to learn how to play a musical instrument, by showing the performance of a song directly on a virtual instrument in the computer screen. Unfortunately, the current IPS exhibit various limitations. For instance, they are hardly editable, or not editable at all, they are not enough interactive and their interface is not fully adequate for string instruments. We are developing D´Accord Guitar, an editable and guitar specific IPS. This paper presents some proposed solutions to unexplored problems found in this development, mainly positioning and fingering. Such problems consist in automatically generating an actual guitar performance based on a sequence of chord ciphers. In order to solve these problems, D´Accord Guitar uses different AI techniques, such as heuristic search, knowledge based approach and constraint- satisfaction solving.

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