SBC&M 2001
VIII Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music


The Eighth Brazilian Symposium will be held in Fortaleza, the capital of Ceara state, from 31 July to 03 August, 2001.

The Brazilian Symposia are organized by NUCOM, the computer music branch of the Brazilian Computing Society (SBC) and take place within the Annual SBC Congress (

There are key-note speeches by renowned researchers, paper sections, music papers, tutorials and demonstrations. Researchers, composers, educators, manufacturers and all concerned with the interplay between music and technology are invited to submit work.

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Geber Ramalho - (General Chair)
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Francisco Aragão - (Local Chair)
Universidade Federal do Ceará

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Program Committee

Aluizio Arcela, Universidade de Brasilia, Brazil
Daniel Arfib, Laboratoire de Mechanique et d¹Acoustique ­ CNRS, France
Peter Beyls, St Lukas Art School, Belgium
Marcio Brandao, University of Edinburgh, UK
Furio Damiani, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil
Roger Dannenberg, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Giselle Ferreira, Open University, UK
Francesco Giomi, Centro Tempo Reale, Italy
Luis Jure, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay
Fabio Kon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Victor Lazzarini, National University of Ireland, Ireland
Pablo di Liscia, Universidad de Quilmes, Argentina
Mikhail Malt, Ircam, France
Jonatas Manzolli, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil
Alan Marsden, University of Lancaster, UK
Dennis Miller, Northeastern University, USA
Giovanni De Poli, University of Padova, Italy
Geber Ramalho, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
Stephen Travis Pope, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Petri Toiviainen, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Alvise Vidolin, Venice Music Conservatory B. Marcello, Italy
Marcelo M. Wanderley, Ircam, France
Geraint Wiggins, City University, UK

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Submission of Papers

Papers Chair
Eduardo Reck Miranda -
Sony Computer Science Lab Paris

Topics of interest include, but are not necessarily restricted to
- Acoustic Modelling and Sound Diffusion
- Algorithmic Composition
- Artificial Life and Evolutionary Music Systems
- Artificial Intelligence
- Audio Hardware Design
- Audio Signal Processing
- Computer-Aided Musicology
- Digital Audio Libraries
- Music and Sound on the Web
- Multimedia Integration
- Music Data Structures and Representation
- Musical Databases and Data Mining
- Music Notation, Printing and Optical Recognition
- Psychoacoustics and Cognitive Modelling
- Real-time Interactive Systems
- Sound Compression
- Sound Synthesis
- Systems for Music Analysis
- Systems for Musical Education

Complete papers reporting ongoing or concluded research should be submitted (abstracts or incomplete papers will not be accepted).

Note that there are two different categories of papers, both of which will be published in the proceedings.

The categories are as follows

  • Research papers: These papers should report concluded scientific and/or technical research results or systems. They must be written in English and should not exceed 8 pages;
  • Discussion papers: These papers will discuss ongoing research work. They may be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English and should not exceed 6 pages.

Please state clearly in a covering front page:

  • which of the above topics (if any) best describes your subject matter;
  • the paper category that you are submitting (i.e., research or discussion);
  • the name(s) and address(es) of the author(s).

Since the reviewing process is anonymous, the heading of the first page of the paper should contain only the title. You are kindly requested not to reveal your identity in your paper (avoid self reference etc.). Preferred format for submission are RTF, EPS or PDF. Should a prospective participant need to submit a paper saved in a format other than RTF, PDF or EPS, please check with the papers Chair.

How to Submit (in order or preference)

  1. Place your paper in a public domain area of your network and send an Email informing the URL or FTP address to E. Miranda <> Please write "SBCM Submission" in the
    subject of your Email.
  2. Send your paper as a file attachment to an Email to E. Miranda. <>. Compressed files are preferred (most standard compression schemes for Unix, Mac OS or Windows are accepted).
  3. Final version papers must be sent to the conference organizer Geber Ramalho ( !!

As with previous symposia, a selection of Research papers will be considered for publication in international journals, as appropriate.

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Submission of Music Papers

Music papers Chair
Didier Guigue -
Universidade Federal da Paraiba

Composers are invited to submit music papers. A music paper is a composition accompanied by a Discussion paper (see above) presenting the compositional procedures and the role of the computer in the compositional process. These papers plus the compositions will be refereed by a dedicated committee and will appear in the proceedings.

The music papers will be presented in two concert sessions of 3 papers each. Each composer will have 30 minutes in total, for audition, communication and discussion.

Please note that the reviewing process is anonymous. The heading of the paper and other material should contain only the title.

You are kindly requested not to reveal your identity in your paper (avoid self reference etc.). Preferred formatS for PAPER submission are RTF, EPS or PDF and FOR MUSIC IS mp3.

Please remember the paper must follow the "Discussion paper" format: it may be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English and should not exceed 6 pages.

Music papers Selection Committee
- Celso Aguiar (CCRMA, Stanford University, USA)
- Philippe Blanchard (Studio Forum, France)
- Alain Bonardi (Université Paris-IV, France)
- Carlos Cerana (Argentina)
- Pablo Cetta (UCA, B. Aires, Argentina)
- Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso (UFRJ, Brazil)
- Osman Gioia (UFPE, Brazil)
- Giovanni Grosskopf (Agon Studio, Milano, Italy)
- Anselmo Guerra de Almeida (UFG, Brazil)
- Damian Keller (CCRMA, Stanford University, USA)
- Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano (CCRMA, Stanford University, USA)
- Mikhail Malt (IRCAM, France)
- José Augusto Mannis (CDMC, Brazil)
- Tristan Murail (Columbia University, USA)
- Aquiles Pantaleao (City University, UK)

How to submit:

Place your paper and a mp3 file of your music in a public domain area of your network and send an Email informing the URL or FTP address to D. Guigue []. Please write SBCM_MPSubmission in the subject of your Email.

Alternatively, the following submission procedures are accepted, but not preferred.

  1. Send your paper as a file attachment to an Email to D. Guigue []. Zip ou Stuffit compressed files are preferred.
  2. Send 3 (anonymous) copies of a CD containing only your music submission, with 3 (anonymous) hardcopies of your paper altogether to:
          Didier Guigue
          Rua Antônio P. da Rocha, 90.
          58045-380 Joao Pessoa PB

More details about the music paper sections as well as instructions for submission can be obtained directly from the music papers Chair: <>.

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Important Dates

06/03/2001 - closing date for submitting music papers
03/04/2001 - closing date for submission of papers
30/04/2001 - notification of acceptance of works
01/06/2001 - closing date for submitting the final version of the papers (NEW)
please send the final version to the conference organizer Geber Ramalho ( !!

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Paper Format Guidelines

The format guidelines for the papers final version can be found in

The papers must be sent in MSWord 97, RTF or PDF format to Geber Ramalho ( by 1st June 2001


Results (Selected Papers)

Research Papers

Earle Borwn's "25 Pianos": a Web interactive implementation
Didier Guigue and Fabio Gomes de Andrade (Brazil)

Sound spatialisation using Ambisonic
Oscar Pablo Di Liscia (Argentina)

Automatic Pitch Spelling: From Numbers to Sharps and Flats
Emilios Cambouropoulos (Austria)

Everyday sounds: synthesis parameters and perceptual correlates
Damian Keller and Jonathan Berger (USA)

Towards a complete physical modelling of performance characteristics in the violin
Jan-Markus Holm (Finland)

SOM-G, a Language for Granular Synthesis
Paulo Roberto Goncalves and Aluizio Arcela (Brazil)

An Empirical Comparison of Tempo Trackers
Simon Dixon (Austria)

ACMUS: A System for Design and Simulation of Musical Listening Environments
Fernando Iazzetta, Fabio Kon and Flavio Soares (Brazil)

Computer-Aided Song Design: Prosody as Scaffold
Eduardo Reck Miranda (Brazil)

Playing along with D’Accord Guitar
Giordano Cabral, Izabel Santana, Rodrigo Lima, Hugo Santana and
Geber Ramalho (Brazil)

Discussion Papers

Mus-ario: Un simulador de discursos musicales baseado en Vida Artificial
Eleazar Garzon (Argentina)

An Open Architecture for a Musical Multi-Agent System
Rodolfo Daniel Wulfhorst, Luciano Vargas Flores, Lauro Nakayama, Cecilia Dias Flores, Luis Otavio Campos Alves and Rosa Maria Vicari (Brazil)

SeVEM - Separador de Vozes em Execucoes Musicais Polifonicas
Rodolfo Daniel Wulfhorst, ELoi Fritsch, Rosa Maria Vicari (Brazil)

Pattern Matching for the Tracking of Melodic Development
Adam Tee, David Cooper, Nicholas J. Bailey and Des McLernon (UK)

System for Sound Recognition Applied to Musical Tuning
Wilson Catello Branco Neto (Brazil)

Some Heuristics for the Development of Music Education Software: First Steps Towards a Methodology
Luciano Vargas Flores, Rosa Maria Vicari, Marcelo Soares Pimenta (Brazil)

Espectro Sonoro Explorado com Sistema de Funcoes Iterativas
Jonatas Manzolli (Brazil)

Transformação de Partituras Convencionais em Cartas Espectrais SOM-A
Andressa Christiane Pereira and Aluizio Arcela (Brazil)

Evolutionary Computation Applied to Waveform Pattern Generation
Jonatas Manzolli, Jose Augusto Fornari and Adolfo Maia Junior (Brazil)

A Toolbox para Aplicacoes Musicais na Internet
Jonatas Manzolli (Brazil)

Da Cifra para o Braco: Estudo dos Problemas de Execucao Musical em Violao e Guitarra
Giordano Cabral, Izabel Santana, Rodrigo Lima, Hugo Santana and Geber Ramalho (Brazil)

ETNA - a New Advanced Graphical Three Representation of Music
Wolfgang Chico-Topfer (Germany)

ETNA Builder - Interactively Building Advanced Graphical Tree
Representations of Music
Wolfgang Chico-Topfer (Germany)

Music Papers

A Performance Interativa em VAGA
Fernando Iazzetta (Brazil)

Urban Corridor
Damian Keller, Ariadna Capasso and Scott R. Wilson (USA)


Additional Information

Dr. Geber Ramalho
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Tel. (55-81) 3271-8430 (ext. 3325)
Fax.(55-81) 3271-8438


Dr. Eduardo Reck Miranda
Composer, Computer Music Technology
Tel Mobile: 06 72 73 91 58
Tel Fixed: +33 (0)1 43 31 73 87

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