A Robot Based Interactive Composition System

Jônatas Manzolli

Interdisciplinary Nucleus for Studies on Sound Communication
University of Campinas
Rua da Reitoria, 165, 13036-300

Klaus Wassermann
Mark Blanchard
Paul Verschure

Institute of Neuroinformatics
ETH-UZ, Switzerland.
Winterthurerstrasse 190, CH-8057
Zurich, Switzerland.
{klausw, jmb, pfmjv}iniphysethzch

This paper describes Roboser (http://www.ini.unizh.ch/~jmb/Roboser.html) an interactive real-world composition system. Roboser consists of a real-world device (robot) which autonomously interacts with its environments and an algorithmic computer-based composition system, CurvaSom. Starting with fragmented sequences of MIDI events, sensory events and internal states of the robot's control model are interfaced with CurvaSom to generated new sound material. These first experiments demonstrate that novelty and change in algorithmic composition can be generated by a complete synthetic system, which interacts with the world.