Dossier M-8: a contribution to the study of the history of Brazilian algorithmic computer music

Jorge Antunes

University of Brasilia, Music Department
Brasilia, DF, Brazil


This current text reports on a musical work written in 1970 with the help of the Electrologica X-8 computer of the University of Utrecht, Holland, using the program PROJECT 2 by Gottfried Michael Koenig. This article, which deals historically with the retrieval of the work, offers a musicological treatment of the composition referred to, which was written to be performed by a group of musicians who made live use of scrap and common daily objects, such as: glass and plastic bottles, dustbin lids, iron pipes and cardboard tubes, papers, nuts and bolts, marbles, plastic counters, index cards, oil drums, etc. This was the original idea, which, in that year of 1970, was courageous and innovative. This was at a time when ecological proposals had not been considered and were not yet in fashion. On the other hand, the work made use of Koenig's subprograms, which although studied in classrooms in Utrecht, only came to be published in December of 1970. The historical focus thus is intended to indicate the direction of a musicology of contemporary Brazilian creation, which has the computer as cooperator.