Developing a Software for Music Education: an Interdisciplinary Project

Susana Ester Krüger (EMBAP/UFRGS/CNPq)
Eloi Fernando Fritsch (UFRGS/CNPq)
Luciano Vargas Flores (UFRGS/PROPESQ/CNPq)
Roges Horacio Grandi (UFRGS/FAPERGS)
Tiago Rubin dos Santos (UFRGS/FAPERGS)
Dra. Liane Hentschke (UFRGS)
Dra. Rosa Maria Viccari (UFRGS)

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
Av. Bento GonÚalves, 9500, Bloco IV Cx Postal 15064


In order to analyze some questions regarding interdisciplinary between Music Education and Informatics, few aspects concerning the creation of music education software will be presented. To illustrate the integration between those two areas, we describe the experience of creating STR (Rhythmic Training System). This experience demonstrated the importance of teamwork. Each member of the team brought his/her expertise, helping to develop a program based on the most recent concepts of each area.

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