Fifteen Years of Computer-Assisted Composition

Stephen Trevis Pope

Computer Music Journal, and CNMAT
Dept. of music, U. C. Berkeley
P. 0. Box 9496, Berkeley, California, 94709 USA


This 75-minute lecture and tape concert will focus on several generations of computer music systems and the music they have enabled. I plan to introduce the software tools used in my compositions realized 1979-94 at a variety of studios using a variety of software and hardware systems and programming languages.

These tools use a wide range of compositional methods, including (among others): high-level graphical notations, limited stochastic selection, Markhov transition tables, forward-chaining expert systems, non-deterministic Petri networks, and hierarchical rule-based knowledge systems. I will discuss and play short excerpts from the following compositions:

I will leave time for an extended audience discussion of the topics and questions I raise.