Expert Piano: Um Ambiente Educacional para Auxiliar o Estudo de Piano e Música

José Honório Glanzmann
Neide Santos
Ana Regina Rocha

Universidade Federal do Rio de janeiro - UFRJ
Caixa Postal 68.511 - CEP - 21.945-970 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Fax: (0511) (021) 290-6626


Expert Plano is an educacional environment composed by an intelligent tutoring system, multimedia databases and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital lnterface) interface devices. Our environment aims to improve the plano playing techniques, supplying different piano studies options, such as to pratice the whole musical piece or specific parts or to play with software cooperation. The environment also provides measure movement, tones transpositions, pratice with separated hands, score visualization simultaneously with the music execution or performance.

The intelligent tutoring system consists of a music teachers and pianists knowledge base, and its role is to diagnose the errors committed in a study session, through the correct processing of the musical events produced by the student. According to the student performance, the software issues a report, highlighting the musical pieces measures, where there is errors occurreence. Then, Expert Piano gives feedback visually and/or oraly and addresses the student to the suitable subject. We think that the showing of tradicional musical notation and the playing of correct measures execution via MIDI are most efficient kinds of feedback than only written feedback.