The Necessity of Composing with Live-Electronics: A short account of the piece "Gegensaetze (gegenseitig)" and of the hardware (AUDIACSYSTEM) used to produce the real-time processes on it

Javier Alejandro Garavaglia

Klemesborn 39/45239- ESSEN. Germany
Hendrik-Wittestr. 11
45128- Essen
Deutschland (Germany)


The aim of this paper is to speak about my piece -Gegensaetze (gegenseitig) [Contraries (reciprocally)] for alto flute, 4 Channel-tape and live electronics (1994)- making an account of how and why the work was concieved. The hardware-and-the-software environments which are responsable for the real-time processes (AUDIACSYSTEM, a project carried on by the ICEM (Institut for Computer music and electronic Media) at the Folkwang Hochschule-Essen and by the company Micro-Control GmbH & Co KG, both in Gennany) will be described. Finally some examples and passages of the piece will be explained.