Laboratorio de Música Electroacústica del Departamento de Música de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Martin Alejandro Fumarola

Estafeta 56
RA-5001 Córdoba, Argentina
Phone: +54 51 242388 Faxes: +54 51 251957 and 235370


The Laboratorio de Música Electroacústica is the main open studio of electroacoustic and computer music among all those belonging to Argentinian universities and the second in importance in the country after the LIPM. The activities at the lab can be broadly categorised into three different areas: 1) composition, 2) teaching, and 3) general promotion of electroacoustic music. In this paper, the current profile of activities and projects is outlined, emphasizing on those related to composition. Moreover, new and recent acquisitions are mentioned.