SETMUS: Uma ferramenta Computacional para o Ensino da Música

Eloi Fernando Fritsch
Rosa Maria Viccari

Instituto de lnformática - UFRGS
Curso de Pós-Graduação em Ciência da Computação - CPGCC
Av. Bento Gonçalves, 9500 Bloco IV Agronomia - Campus do Vale
CEP 91501 -970 Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil
Caixa Postal: 15064 - FAX: (051) 336-5576


The purpose of this paper is to present the implementation of software named SETMUS - Sistema Especialista para Teoria MUSical. The SETMUS was implemented in Hypercard using the object oriented philosophy. The program has a data base with scales and arpejos. Each scale and arpejo is a card with an address that can be called from another card. Besides this it also has a musical calculator to solve users doubts.

The SETMUS objetive is to teach the theory and the musical perceptive through the user program interaction. The theory is treated in a clear and simple way because the system presents a graphical interface that makes easy its understanding. The user uses the system touching the notes in the screen with the aid of the "mouse".

One of the applications of SETMUS is to serve as a system with exercises to those who are studing musical theory, more specifically, musical harmony. The SETMUS is an expert software that accumulates the functions of teacher (at the exercise hour), didactical book (with the scores to be played by the student) and of the musical instrument. There is also a "PlayBack" function implemented. lt is always used when the user wants to listen and to visualise the notes be had played and wants to compare with the correct and incorrect scales and arpejos that were played by the user. The comparasion is both visual and sonore providing the training of the user's musical perception.