SINAPSIS: A self-generating system of musical discourses

Eleazar Garzón

Centro de investigaciones de Ia Facultad de Filosofia y Humanidades (CIFFyH)
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
Manuel Carles 3280. Poeta Lugones
Córdoba 5008 Argentina


SINAPSIS is a composition software whose more significant feature is its capability of "INTERACTION" with the user at the level of production of "Musical Discourses". For this purpouse, a setting similar to that of staging has been designed. On this basis, the system provides two structures: ACTORS and STAGE DIRECTORS.

By grouping and relating actors in networks, by asigning them to stage directors, and by overplaing and/ or juxtaposing these latter, the user crestes the structural plan of the work over which the system will generate (with each performance) a particular discourse (a SPECIMEN belonging to the universe of probabilities that such a model admits).