Musical Score Recognition of "Don Cuco El Guapo" Pianist Robot

A. Pedroza
H. Vargas
D. Vera
R. Fournier

Dept. of microelectronics
Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
Boulevard Valsequillo y 14 sur A. P. J-32 Sn Manuel-72570
Puebla, Pue. México


Don Cuco el Guapo is the first Mexican pianist robot, which was designed and built at the Departament of Microelectronics of the UAP. The project was based on rnultidisciplinary participation, where physicists, electronic engineers, computer scientists, musicians and designers converged.

The musical score recognition system was implemented through the following steps: frame grabbing, image processing, pattern recognition and interpretation or analysis of scene. The vision system of Don Cuco el Guapo is capable of reading musical score from a template.