Síntese Aditiva de Tons Musicais através da transformada Karhunen-Loève

João Fernando Marar

UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista
Faculdade de Ciências - Departamento de Computação
Bauru - São Paulo

Edson dos Santos Moreira

USP - Universidade de São Paulo
ICMSC - Instituto de Ciências Matemáticas de São Carlos
Departamento de Computação
São Carlos - São Paulo


Signals can be sampled, stored and played back by digital computers. Furthermore, signals can be analized in such a way that compressed forms of their representation can be extracted, reducing the amount of memory needed to store them. The Fourier transform have been traditionally used in this way. This paper deals with the use of the Karhunen-Loève transform as an alternative method of representing a particular and dynamic signal, the musical tones, allowing bigger SAVINGS Of computing resources, as compared to the Fourier transform.