CAMM - Automatic Composer of Musical Melodies

Eloi Fernando Fritsch
Rosa Maria Viccari

Instituto de Informática
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do sul
Av. Bento Gonçalves, 9500 bloco IV - Agronomia
Campus do Vale - Porto Alegre - RS


The purpose of this paper is to present the implementation of a grammar-based software named CAMM - Automatic Composer of Musical Melodies (or in Compositor Automático de Melodias Musicais, in portuguese) - which is capable of generating melodies. CAMM has a set of rules that represent the musical knowledge needed to generate simple melodies in a limited and well-defined musical universe, i.e. style.

Musical parameters, such as notes, durations and intensities, are put together by means of a grammar in order to generate simple melodies which can be used for the composition of pieces of music.